Kayleigh is a New Hampshire-based writer and editor who possesses the unique skill of falling down without spilling a drop of her tea.

Having received her MFA in Writing from the University of New Hampshire and her MA in English from Salem State University, Kayleigh has since worked on a number of literary magazines, edited in-progress dissertations and books, and coordinated marketing efforts for a hotel, including a branding overhaul and redesign of all collateral and ad copy. She also taught professional and advanced writing courses at Salem State University before returning to her native New Hampshire. She now works remotely as a professional problem-solver and communications manager for her team at a global EdTech company.

What Others Are Saying

From Christie N.:
Kayleigh is one of the smartest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. She communicates clearly, thinks about all of the different variables, and pushes for an ideal outcome for all parties that also happens to make the most business sense. She is extremely capable, but is comfortable asking for help when it proves prudent. She listens to her colleagues and is able to synthesize information incredibly quickly, and she uses this super power to help clarify interdepartmental and external communications, smooth out competing priorities between teams, and ensure that all expected outcomes are achieved successfully. Anyone would be lucky to work with Kayleigh!

From Kayla M.:
Every team needs a Kayleigh. Trouble is – there’s only one to go around! Kayleigh’s strengths span the creative and operational needs of a business. She is an exceptional project manager who can take big, bold ideas and build the roadmap to achieve them. With her top-notch copywriting and keen knowledge of employer branding, she leads our team’s communications strategy in addition to executing special projects. When I find myself asking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we had this resource…?”, Kayleigh is two steps ahead and has already built said resource, made it into a template, AND created a training video to show others how to use it. Kayleigh makes others around her better and is a truly amazing teammate.

From Jennifer B.:
You know when you go to a car wash and you come out the other end and feel gobsmacked at how clean they were able to get the car? That’s the effect Kayleigh has on any piece of work she touches. From crafting newsletter copy and digital marketing assets to writing standard operating procedures that make it so anyone on our team could pick up from where she left off, Kayleigh leaves no stone unturned (or no mat unvacuumed if we’re sticking with the car metaphor). Not only that, she’s a delight to work with and has an unwavering dedication to her craft and colleagues.

From Laura B.:
Kayleigh is a personable, down-to-Earth professional with a serious creative streak. She is solid and dependable.

From Rob L.:
Kayleigh is a skilled editor and has performed some good editing for me in the development of my first book. She was reliable, gave good advice, and provided quality work. I highly recommend her.