Kayleigh is a New Hampshire-based writer and editor who possesses the unique skill of falling down without spilling a drop of her tea.

Having received her MFA in Writing from the University of New Hampshire and her MA in English from Salem State University, Kayleigh has since worked on a number of literary magazines, edited in-progress dissertations and books, and more recently coordinated marketing efforts for a hotel, including a branding overhaul and redesign of all collateral and ad copy. She also taught professional and advanced writing courses at Salem State University before returning to her native New Hampshire, where she is able to work from home in her slippers.

Fun Facts:

→  Is a dual-citizen of the U.S.A. and Ireland
→  Has been skydiving
→  Does not eat grains
→  Loves tea, Super Mario, photography, travel, and peanut butter cups

Courses Taught:

→  Advanced Writing
→  Intro to Professional Writing
→  Editing for Publication
→  Special Topics in Professional Writing (Blogging/Social Media)
→  Portfolio Seminar (Professional Writing Capstone Course)

Examples of Writing/Editing Work:

→  Art History Dissertation (completed); trimming, revision and copyediting
Financial Advice Book (draft and final review; completed); revision, copyediting
→  Historical Novel Draft (completed); revision, editing
→  Resumes and Personal Statements/Cover Letters (various)
→  Grant Proposals (completed); drafting, revision, copyediting
→  Website Content (various); drafting, revision, copyediting
→  Press Releases (various); drafting, revision, copyediting
→  Various Design Projects (flyers, brochures, menus, packages, web and print ads, etc.); design, revision, copyediting