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Editing Style

Developmental editing is a collaborative undertaking that needs to be built on trust. Before sending me your inquiry, please read about my genre interests and how I work to get a sense of whether or not you feel I am the right person to help in the next stage of your project.

My Interests

I am motivated by powerful storytelling full of heart and magic that pulls on the imagination. I gravitate toward speculative or low fantasy, high fantasy, and folklore/mythology retellings–for adults, young adults, and middle grade readers.

I will rarely consider editing works of horror, thriller, romance, or nonfiction, and do not work on erotica, poetry, or screenplays.

Why is this important?

Ensuring that my interests align with the genre and content of your work means that I can bring a certain level of understanding and engagement when reviewing the material. For example, I despise horror. I don’t know the typical plot structures or tropes of the genre. Worse, if I had to read through a horror manuscript, I would likely skim through scary or gory scenes. This means that the author would not have my full devotion or attention, and would not be receiving what I promised.

How I Work

I believe in a collaborative creative experience with a simple goal: to make your story shine.


I am what folks sometimes call a generalist. I was born curious and enjoy learning new skills and insights. You will find that I take the same approach in my editing: I allow the curious side of me to take over and ask questions that may reveal areas that can be expanded, plot holes, or character development. I will also offer suggestions to consider as you approach your next draft.

I will be honest and detailed in my feedback: if I feel something isn’t working, doesn’t make sense, or isn’t serving the greater story, I will say so. I know it can be difficult to receive feedback on work to which you have dedicated so much time and energy, but I do ask my clients to be open to the feedback I provide, as it is always well-intended and constructive. 

That said, I know there is not always a right or wrong answer when it comes to editing. (Don’t believe me? Check out all of the different editing style guides in the world!) This means I never expect all of my feedback to be incorporated into a revised manuscript, as I trust every writer to know what suggestions will or will not best serve their story. This is why collaboration and communication are so important.

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